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"Just call me Lux. Short and simple."

The premier magical girl of Valoran and diplomat of Demacia.

An ask/RP blog for Lux from League of Legends. Occasionally with art.

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Your shadow is a confirmation that light has traveled nearly 93 million miles unobstructed, only to be deprived of reaching the ground in the final few feet thanks to you.

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about the blogger


name: Christine
birthday: May 3rd
zodiac: Taurus
single or taken: Taken 
height: 5’ 0”
eye color: Brown
middle name: Han 
favorite color: Blue (light teal ish)
lucky number: I don’t really have a lucky number? … I really like the number 7 though…


hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
favorite fictional character: Lux
favorite television show: Gravity Falls/Bob’s Burgers
favorite season: Spring/Autumn

future children’s names: … Luxanna… LOL… 
meaning of your name: Follower of Christ. owo even though I’m agnostic.
what do you plan to/do for a living: I’m currently studying in Digital Media Arts and hope to be a designer of many mediums and also a photographer/filmmaker :D
starbucks order: Coffee/Green Tea/Mocha Frappucinos. And vanilla scones. Yum.


introvert or extrovert
dawn or dusk
righty or lefty
coffee or tea
rain or shine 
reading or writing { I really like both though! }

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Sorceress Lux

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argentoutlander said, "Lux, do you have a moment to spare for an old soldier?"



"Of course I do!"

A smile graced his features as slender arms draped about his shoulders and his embrace was returned. Mau was definitely pleased to see her again and it surely showed in his demeanor.

Busy.” The soldier replied, easing back slightly to look at Lux but still keeping the blonde in his arms. “I’ve been given housemates that were rather unexpected so I’ve had my hands full. I’m sure you’ve been quite busy yourself.”

Housemates?” It had been some time since Lux had gotten any updates on what Ezreal and Mau were up to, but… housemates? “Who are you living with now, Mau?” It was difficult seeing Ezreal and Mau as much as she had liked, since she was separated from them.

"Yes, I am actually about to depart on a trip to Piltover soon!" The blonde smiled. "I’d make sure to visit you when that happens."

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lux-theladyofluminosity said, "Ah good evening, your Majesty." She bows to the Prince of Demacia.




He turned, the collar of his jacket brushing his chin. “Luxanna, good evening.” Shoulders followed the motion of his neck and he returned her bow with his own. “It’s getting late, what brings you to me?”

"Oh, ah… I would not mind riding with you both." Luxanna bowed her head. "I realize I should spend more time outside than in the library and balance my activities. Seeing the countryside sounds like a wonderful idea…" How long had it been since she truly had time to herself? "Of course I would be willing to ride with only you too…" Just saying those words caused a flutter of emotions to expel from her chest. Oh, how she had missed his company. 

His wide, honest smile took over his features. Not only did he value their friendship, but sharing his favorite pass time with anyone was never a disappointment. He had spent enough time of his own reading old tomes by lamplight to appreciate the need for sunlight and fresh air. He was excited just thinking about it, and that Garen might come along was only natural. After all, was he not his closest friend?

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lux-theladyofluminosity said, You're warm.




"Lux! I…" He goes quiet for a moment, placing his hands on the girl’s shoulders.

"If you were cold, all you had to do was tell me."

She was not expecting the explorer to tug her closer, causing a bit of heat to rise on her cheeks. ”… Thank you.”

He tried to keep his face neutral.  ”You’re welcome.” Their fire just ended up dying out for the evening, and he continued to hold her close to him.  ”Try to get some rest.  I’d like to get you back home before nightfall tomorrow and we have a ways to go.” He ended up cracking a smile, “Think you can handle it?”

"Of course I can." She simply stated, peering at the dying campfire. "I’m not too worried about getting home on time though, since I trust you." Besides, Lux had a wanderlust of her own. "You should really think about getting rest yourself though."

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RP (lux-theladyofluminosity)


As the first ray of sunlight fell onto his eyes, they would open slowly..finally leaving his state of unconsciousness and unawareness. Night needed a little while, to get a  clear grasp of his surroundings. Yet, he did not really recognize any of it.-.. He was in an entirely unknown place altogether…a world completely unknown and new to him, unlike he had ever seen before. However, he could also feel a hint of Magic in this place…it was truly unfamiliar. Night tried to remember anything..what happened before he woke up here..but it was almost pointless, as only a bright flash and the feeling of utter solitude almost drowning him could be recalled, before his mind went into a state of darkness.

 “W..where am I?” he asked himself. He was afraid and did not really know his way around here, so he silently decided to head down a path, being sunken in thoughts, as he walked, towards the only city, he was able to see. It looked very bright..like as if the light was shining extra strongly on these lands..and a large..castle could be seen. It all..seemed a little more ancient..than what he was used to. The longer he walked down the path..the more thoughts would cross his mind..and soon memories.. His eyes were fixed into the floor, the sorrow visible in their tired gaze.


The Lady liked to venture out around the city’s outskirts by herself, although it was discouraged by her family. The citizens stared at her in awe, wondering where Luxanna would wander off. Or rather why. Demacia was surrounded by flat ground, with the occasional trees planted here and there. She liked to stare at the surrounding villages, seeing how differently they had it from her. Everyone had to serve the Demacian military, of course, but she felt as if she were in a different world from them.

On this particular day, the blonde could see a man walking down the path that led to the city. His head hung low, as if he did not seem to know where he was going. Or if he did not want to be there. She could sense the sadness in his eyes, and following her impulses, she decided to approach him. He seemed harmless… for now.

"Are you alright?" The mage’s voice called out to Night, her head tilting in curiosity at this stranger in front of her.

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argentoutlander said, "Lux, do you have a moment to spare for an old soldier?"



"Of course I do!"

Mau chuckled softly, silver eyes bright as he stepped close and pulled the mage into a tight, affectionate hug. He’d known she would say as much, never one to turn anyone down. A soft sigh spilled from his lips as he gently nuzzled Lux, enjoying the warmth of her presence.

"It’s good to see you, Lux. Are you well?"

She instinctively wrapped her arms around the man’s broad shoulders, hugging him close. It had been a while since she had last seen him, now that he mentioned it.

"It’s good to see you too, Mau. I’ve been alright! How about yourself these days?"

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[lux] x [katarina]

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It’s rather therapeutic making these.. feel free to crop and use them as icons if you like. Gonna try to finish the entire roster, so.. more to come.

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