Comic #12 (we’ll say)
All about gravedigging

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Doing a giveaway because I’m bored and don’t really have anything else to do.

I was lucky enough to go to PAX with the help of my youtuber friends.

Shoutout to Miles and Sonny from The Yordles.

They helped me out and I got to meet my other friends and helped me build new friendships with other youtubers. (Cody and Keyori, ilu.)

Luckily I was able to get my hands on some extra swag from pax.

What I’m giving away:

1 Inflatable Poro.
1 Pulsefire Ezreal Statue.
1 Amumu Plushie.
2 2013 World Championships bag.
1 League of Legends bag.
3 Jinx/Vi lanyards.
2 League of Legends posters.
(One of the posters is signed by:
Keyori -
Jaynee -
Miles - )


1. Must be following me because I’m doing this at 255 followers. Kappa

2. Reblog your heart out.

3. You must love me.

4. I’ll end this giveaway in 1 month time.
So on: October 21th at 4:40am EST. I’ll choose 5 winners via random number generate thingy.

Das it. Go and do stuff.

Decided to add one of these. 

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Don't Go Home Without Me
Lights & Little Machines
2,324 plays
And I’ll sing,
Oh it’s amazing that you’re here
So alone I would be
In a world that you’re not near
Don’t go home without me
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is no one going to note that Sion killedJarvan III

meaning who the hell became king?

Cause as far as we all know

it’s still Prince Jarvan IV

I don’t even know, considering I have no clue of the timeline rn. Also unsure if J4 has happy uncle Jarcar to hold Jarvan’s place. Or if Queen is holding place until J4 is ready to take the reigns.

// It’s more likely he killed Jarvan II, or maybe Jarvan I. Sion is a legendary Noxian hero, implied to be long lost to history. The snippets of Black Rose dialogue go on to hint at his resurrection.

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[ LOL / AU / 塗鴉]" Selfie <3 "社團位階大概就是:隊長 - 新生 - 王牌

omg!!! ask-thepiltoverenforcer and ijustlovecausingtrouble


[ LOL / AU / 塗鴉]
" Selfie <3 "

社團位階大概就是:隊長 - 新生 - 王牌

omg!!! ask-thepiltoverenforcer and ijustlovecausingtrouble

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jade-the-custodian said:
Jade taps Lux on the shoulder. "Hey. Mind if we talk? I'm conflicted, and a decent bit worried at recent events.." The woman looks like she hasn't slept in days, and rather disturbed to boot.



She looks back at the woman standing behind her, smiling once she recognizes Jade. Lux gestures with a bow of her head. 

"Of course we can."


Jade takes a moment to steady herself, gripping Lux’s shoulder gently. “I have a room in the Gilded Gnome inn, which isn’t particularly far from here. We should go there to talk about some of the heaviest things that are causing unrest, because they are rather personal.” She turns to face Lux , and asks,”Is that alright with you that we go there?”

The mage clasps her hands together in front of her, nodding. “Of course. If that is what you wish. Things are causing you unrest?” She trusts Jade and has no reason to be wary. I wonder what it is she wants to talk about…

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