[ LOL / AU / 塗鴉]" Selfie <3 "社團位階大概就是:隊長 - 新生 - 王牌

omg!!! ask-thepiltoverenforcer and ijustlovecausingtrouble


[ LOL / AU / 塗鴉]
" Selfie <3 "

社團位階大概就是:隊長 - 新生 - 王牌

omg!!! ask-thepiltoverenforcer and ijustlovecausingtrouble

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jade-the-custodian said:
Jade taps Lux on the shoulder. "Hey. Mind if we talk? I'm conflicted, and a decent bit worried at recent events.." The woman looks like she hasn't slept in days, and rather disturbed to boot.



She looks back at the woman standing behind her, smiling once she recognizes Jade. Lux gestures with a bow of her head. 

"Of course we can."


Jade takes a moment to steady herself, gripping Lux’s shoulder gently. “I have a room in the Gilded Gnome inn, which isn’t particularly far from here. We should go there to talk about some of the heaviest things that are causing unrest, because they are rather personal.” She turns to face Lux , and asks,”Is that alright with you that we go there?”

The mage clasps her hands together in front of her, nodding. “Of course. If that is what you wish. Things are causing you unrest?” She trusts Jade and has no reason to be wary. I wonder what it is she wants to talk about…

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lux-theladyofluminosity said:
"Morning, sleeping beauty."




The high pitch of the voice let Zed know who it was before he opened his eyes. “Luxanna… oh, my head… where am I?”

A sigh. “…No, he is not.” She crossed her arms matter-of-factly. “And… er… do you not remember, Mister Alexander?” A chuckle almost escaped her lips.

Ah, the alias. It had been such a common source of protection for Zed that he had almost forgotten it’s existence, as one might forget they are wearing a shirt “I am… I am afraid I do not recall at all” he chuckled, and rubbed his eyes of the crust of sleep

"That’s alright. I guess I can just keep it a secret from you." She offered, offering him a small smile. "Just kidding… nothing really happened. I wouldn’t go out of my way to take advantage of you, of course. You just sort of dozed off in my bed…"

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lux-theladyofluminosity said:
A ghost of the past is here to haunt you.
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lux-theladyofluminosity said:
"Ah good evening, your Majesty." She bows to the Prince of Demacia.




He turned, the collar of his jacket brushing his chin. “Luxanna, good evening.” Shoulders followed the motion of his neck and he returned her bow with his own. “It’s getting late, what brings you to me?”

"Where do you usually find yourself riding to?" The Lady asked, curious to how often he went out on horseback. "And with whom?" It was not meant to be such an imposing question although it may have seemed as such; she was just wondering if Garen rode as well. 

"I mean… does Garen ride with you often? …" Who was she to intrude on whom he spent time with? Oh, if her mother saw her now… 

Jarvan almost gushed with enthusiasm over his hobby, happy to answer her questions without a second thought to her reasoning. He was not a fool, but she and Garen were some of the few people whom he felt no need to be guarded around. Any opportunity to take his mind off of current events was savored.

"Oh, through the Royal forests or out into the countryside. Just around the palace grounds is better than naught, and silence is usually my companion. I… have ridden with Xin Zhao before, but for him it is always an exercise in protection or an opportunity to sharpen his skill. There is little joy in it. Garen finds time for it as well, which is much preferred. Sometimes he enjoys is as much as me. Why do you ask? Did you want to make it the three of us?"


The three of us…? She took a moment to register his question—how to formulate an appropriate answer was rather… difficult. She had practice with such things, but it was Prince Jarvan… a man that she had looked up to, whom she respected greatly. There was no need to keep her guard up around him—he had known her for her whole life.

"Oh, ah… I would not mind riding with you both." Luxanna bowed her head. "I realize I should spend more time outside than in the library and balance my activities. Seeing the countryside sounds like a wonderful idea…" How long had it been since she truly had time to herself? "Of course I would be willing to ride with only you too…" Just saying those words caused a flutter of emotions to expel from her chest. Oh, how she had missed his company. 

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housespiritmight-deactivated201 said:
"Miss Crownguard, to what do I owe the honor?"

She chuckles lightly, addressing the taller man before her. “Please… you are also a noble of Demacia. There is no need to address me as such.” 

// Oh gosh I tried OTL;; housespiritmight

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Lucky Ones
Lights & Little Machines
122 plays

Cause after all this time
Still don’t know where we’re going
But look how far we’ve come
And as long as you’re just as lost as I am
I’ll hold you in the morning
Like we’re the lucky ones

Hey, we made it this far
I keep on directing
No one knows where we are
We’re just guessing

Hey, we made it this far
I keep on directing
No one knows where we are
We’re just guessing


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//Wow these are taking ages, but I’ve been so excited to draw Lux more. I’ve missed her since leaving my Lux blog.<3 I’ll probably color this eventually.

shhh-imchargingmylaser lux-theladyofluminosity

// oh my gosh ;w; kldsjgkldsjgjgf so cute

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Been trying to get to know Lux a lil better. Played with the idea of making her armor more in line with Garen’s design.


Been trying to get to know Lux a lil better. Played with the idea of making her armor more in line with Garen’s design.

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