jack-with-no-name whispered: "Luxanna Crownguard, Champion of the League of Legends, one of the youngest graduates of the College of Magic and resident Light mage?" The young man asked the blonde before him, still not exactly sure if he had found who he was looking for.



"Yes, yes. That’s me!" She nodded, bowing to the man standing before her. "Might I help you with something, sir?"


"As far as helping me? Getting some tips from someone else who manipulates the light like I do! As for me helping you? I know someone who’s /really/ bored out of their mind when I see em and you missy could use some excitement in your life!" He said rather confidently.

"Whoa whoa whoa. You manipulate light? Wow! What can you do?" Lux was excited to finally meet someone who was experienced in the element of light. "What tips do you need? And maybe! All that’s been happening recently is just League matches. I kind of do need more excitement. Just who are you though?”


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icathiasprophet whispered: "I see you're interacting with my... clones"







He cleared his throat. “Simply curious, is all.” 

"… Really?” The blonde tilted her head at Malzahar. “For some reason… I don’t believe you.”

The seer scowled and turned to her looking a little offended, “You’re calling me a liar?”

"No, of course not!" The mage said, a blush forming on her cheeks as she lowered her gaze towards the ground. "I was simply… teasing you."

lux-theladyofluminosity whispered: "You seem to have lost one." The Demacian said, offering the voidling that had curled up in her hands to the Prophet. "I found him scurrying alone around the library for some reason. He'd probably be better off with you."




Mentally calling the voidling to himself, Malzahar’s gaze lowers to the small creature. “We are quite surprised it does not lay dead. This matters very little, however.”

The prophet orders the voidling away and the creature obeys immediately, scuttling off in the direction of the prophet’s quarters. He would have to decide on what to do with this creature. They could not be allowed to spread yet.

"Thank you for returning it to Us. It is not their place to be leaving Our sight."

"Perhaps I have indirectly killed more than a single warrior ever could achieve. However, I helped Ionia defend its home from the threat of Noxus. And I can never say that I regret it." Luxanna said, nodding to the Prophet.

"And… yes you’re right about that, even I may die from a Void invasion. But death is inevitable, is it not? I’d rather defend and serve my home rather than embrace something horrific just to live. I’ll have to decline your offer of ‘helping me’ because I’d die fighting for something I love rather than live in a world filled with horrible creatures and endless hunger. Do you truly respect what the Void has to offer for us?” 

"I do respect the future that the Void shall provide this world. This world sorely desires the day when it is rid of your species’ injustice. Particularly the hypocritical existence of both the Institute and your nation.”

A self-indulgent grin is visible pulling at the edges of the prophet’s mask, his arms crossed. “You may join us or you will die. There is no other choice for you to make.”

"Then I shall make the choice of ‘dying.’ And there is always such a thing as trying to fight back." The Demacian said absolutely, her arms seemingly bound by her sides as she clenched her fists.

"But as you can see, there is no point in arguing with you nor with me. I think we have made ourselves clear on where we stand. However… if there is a time when you ever do change your mind… I will be there." 

Of course, he never would.

I’ll always be there for you, Ezreal. Even when you feel the need to suck on a woman’s… breasts.
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"In the name of Piltover, I will punish you!"

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